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It is recommended that you use either easy_install or pip to install Ladon. This will automatically download and install the newst release of Ladon.

If you need a local copy of the package that you can distribute manually you can download it using the download button to the right.

Note: that Ladon depends on Jinja2 for rendering the browsable API. So if you want to be able to install Ladon in an offline situation you should also download the newest release of Jinja2.


Go to to download and install Python. Ladon supports both Python 2 and 3 so you must decide which version to use. If you are running Mac or Linux you probably already have python installed.



In general you can install setuptools for all systems using the instructions found at PyPI and in particular if you are using Windows you have no other choice:

Most Linux distributions can install setuptools from the distribution package manager:

Debian based distros

Debian based distributions like Ubuntu, Xandros and Linspire can install setuptools using apt as root.

  • Python 2:
apt-get install python-setuptools
  • Python 3:
apt-get install python3-setuptools

RPM based distros

RPM based distributions like Fedora and Mandrake can install setuptools using yum as root.

  • Python 2:
yum install python-setuptools
  • Python 3:
yum install python3-setuptools

Install Ladon

Having Python and setuptools installed you should be ready to install Ladon. As mentioned before you can use both easy_install and pip to download and install Ladon. easy_install should be available already since it is part of setuptools. To use pip you may need to install it at this point.

Install using easy_install

easy_install ladon

Install using pip

pip install ladon

Note for Windows users

By default the Python installation does not add system paths for Python. To call easy_install from the command-promt you need to add C:\PythonXY\Scripts to your system path.


Test Installation

Start the Python interactive shell (IDLE in Windows) and write the following:

>>> import ladon

If it imports OK you are ready to go!

Bleeding Edge

Of course not recommended, but if you are curious and have courage and want to check out the newest source from the Launchpad trunk branch:

bzr branch lp:ladon
cd ladon/frameworks/python/
python install