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What is Ladon

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Ladon is a framework for exposing methods to several internet service protocols. Once a method is ladonized it is automatically served through all the interfaces that your ladon installation contains. Ladon's interface implemetations are added in a modular fashion making it very easy extend Ladon's protocol support. Ladon runs on all Major OS's (Windows, Mac and Linux) and supports both Python 2 and 3.

class AccountService(object):
  . . .
  @ladonize(str,str,rtype=[Account])  def getAccounts(self,session_id,search_frase):
    . . .


Ladon for Python
Latest (tar.gz)

The goal for Ladon is to create a simple yet powerful way of bringing your own API to the masses via internet services. Using Ladon to serve your business logic involves very little extra programming and you can do it without changing any code in your core classes.

Ladon doesn't force you to inherit framework flow classes, or dictate how you should structure your project or in other ways intrude programmatically on your existing code. It is easy to integrate and easy to withdraw.

Ladon strives to use the Python/PHP built-in primitive types when calling your exposed service methods instead of introducing new types.

Why choose Ladon

  • Easy to integrate in your existing API
  • Python 2, Python 3 and PHP 5 support
  • Uses built-in primitive types
  • Exposes multiple webservice interfaces
  • Ideal for AJAX back-end service using JSON-WSP
  • Freedom to code your API as you want
  • Easy to deploy
  • Autogenerated documetation
  • Autogenerated service descriptions